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Minco FCCLA 
A Great Place
to Develop

Why Join FCCLA?

Leadership, Growth, and Friendship.

At Minco FCCLA, our goal is to develop leadership potential and help students develop skills to help them later in life. Goal setting, problem solving, planning, decision making, and communication are a few of the many things you can learn how to do by joining FCCLA.

Through FCCLA, students get the opportunity to travel across the country to attend national conferences where they will meet with leaders all over the United States. There are many different competitive events in different categories of interest in which students get the chance to participate. Students will also be able to develop real-world skills, explore career pathways, and even apply for some of the many FCCLA scholarships available.


Use the menu at the top of your screen to view different parts of our website. Learn more about us in the "About" section. Learn how to join in the "Membership" section. Meet your officers in the "Leadership" section. See what's coming up in the "Events" section.

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