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FCCLA can't function without leadership. We are known to be student led; however, a governing body is necessary for proper leadership. Our chapter officers are the governing body that help our chapter function. Without them, there couldn't be a Minco FCCLA.

Each officer has his or her own role, but they all work together to create a stable team to lead the chapter. The officers of the Minco chapter are listed below.

Pictured: 2022-23 Officer Team



The Minco FCCLA officer team is as follows:

  • Ava Jenkins: President - Develops agendas and presides over chapter meetings. Works with officers and members to ensure responsibilities are followed through and represents the chapter in a responsible and professional manner.

  • Brooklyn Teel: First Vice President - Assumes responsibilities of the president when he or she is absent. Assists president as needed. Works with other VP's to carry out responsibilities. 

  • Addison Duvall: VP of Finance - Keeps a record of the chapter income. Leads the planning and execution of fundraisers. Works with advisor to record dues paid.

  • Rachel Clark: VP of Marketing -  Acts as ambassador for Minco FCCLA. Works alongside VP of Membership and VP of Public Relations to ensure a positive image for Minco FCCLA.

  • Aubrey Hoyle: VP of Membership - Works with chapter officers to develop membership campaigns. Keeps an updated spreadsheet of members.

  • Trey Bomgardner: VP of Public Relations - Gathers information for press releases. Takes photos and records information at public events.

  • Jaci Morris: VP of STAR/Competitive Events - Provides assistance to chapter adviser and competitors; along with updating officers, members, and competitors of new STAR Events and changes to competitions.  

Our Officers 2023-24

Brooklyn Teel: South 2 District VP of Community Service 2023-24

In March of 2023, Brooklyn entered her application for Oklahoma FCCLA District South-2 Officer.  District officers are required to fill out an application and submit a one-minute campaign video. 


After submitting her application, Brooklyn was interviewed and then slated as a candidate for District office.  Much to Minco's excitement, Brooklyn was voted VP of Community Service for our district!  


Brooklyn attended District Officer Training in June of 2023, and is well on her way to developing her leadership abilities even further. She is also serving as Minco FCCLA's First VP for 2023-24


We are excited to see Brooklyn on stage during this year's District Leadership Conference, utilizing her awesome skills!

Pictured Right: Brooklyn on her last day of DOT camp w/Mrs. Rice.


Ava Jenkins:
Oklahoma FCCLA
State VP of Membership

Become a member of the State Execute Council for Oklahoma is a HUGE accomplishment!  Ava had been looking forward to this opportunity since she started her FCCLA career.

In April of 2023, Ava accomplished her goal!

The application process is very involved and consists of an application highlighting the applicant's FCCLA career, along with two rounds of in-person interviews.

Ava passed her interview process with flying colors and was slated as an At-Large Candidate.  Chapters from across the state of Oklahoma cast their ballots during the 2022-23 State Leadership Conference and winners were announced live on stage.

Minco FCCLA was THRILLED when Ava's name was announced!  Later that afternoon she was chosen as Oklahoma FCCLA's VP of Membership.

Ava has already implemented many of her ideas that will make Oklahoma FCCLA's upcoming year The Ultimate Journey!

Pictured left: Ava Jenkins and Minco Schools' Superintendent, Kevin Sims, shortly after being announced as part of the SEC.

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