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FCCLA can't function without leadership. We are known to be student led; however, a governing body is necessary for proper leadership. Our eight chapter officers are the governing body that help our chapter function. Without them, there couldn't be a Minco FCCLA.

Each officer has his or her own role, but they all work together to create a stable team to lead the chapter. The officers of the Minco chapter are listed below.


The Minco FCCLA officer team is as follows:

  • Ava Jenkins: President - Develops agendas and presides over chapter meetings. Works with officers and members to ensure responsibilities are followed through and represents the chapter in a responsible and professional manner.

  • Morgan Burchfield: First Vice President - Assumes responsibilities of the president when he or she is absent. Assists president as needed. Works with other VP's to carry out responsibilities. 

  • Brooklyn Teel: VP of Finance - Keeps a record of the chapter income. Leads the planning and execution of fundraisers. Works with advisor to record dues paid.

  • Emma Luster: VP of Marketing -  Acts as ambassador for Minco FCCLA. Works alongside VP of Membership and VP of Public Relations to ensure a positive image for Minco FCCLA.

  • Caylee McPherson: VP of Membership - Works with chapter officers to develop membership campaigns. Keeps an updated spreadsheet of members.

  • Trey Bomgardner: VP of Public Relations - Gathers information for press releases. Takes photos and records information at public events. 

  • Addison Duvall: VP of Programs - Is familiar with FCCLA National Programs. Educates and encourages members to participate in National Programs.

  • Jaci Morris: VP of Community Service - Promotes chapter community service projects. Organizes and supervises community service projects.

Our Officers 2022-23

Ava Jenkins: South 2 District President 2022-23

In March of 2022, Ava Jenkins put in her application for Oklahoma FCCLA District South-2 Officer.  District officers are required to fill out an application and submit a one-minute campaign video.  This year, the video required them to explain how FCCLA has helped them Level Up, which was Oklahoma FCCLA’s state conference theme.  Ava explained in her video the following… 


Ava has been a member of Minco FCCLA for two years.  She began as soon as she was able to take Family & Consumer Sciences classes her Freshman year.  During her Sophomore year, Ava served as Minco FCCLA’s VP of Membership.  While in office, Ava was instrumental in gaining new members for the 2021-22 school year.  She won our chapter’s recruitment contest and was a big factor in Minco FCCLA being awarded the 10 For the Win Membership Challenge for Oklahoma FCCLA.  


She also explained how she has been inspired by other members and her state officer team to be the best leader she can be.  Ava follows through with many leadership opportunities in FCCLA and on her own time.  


After submitting her application, Ava was interviewed and then slated as one of the two members up for District President.  Much to Minco's excitement, Ava won!  She will serve as District South-2 President for 2022-23. 


Ava will attend District Officer Training in June of 2022, and will then be well on her way to Leveling Up her leadership abilities even further. She will also serve as president of the Minco chapter for 2022-23


Minco FCCLA is excited for Ava and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her!  

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