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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Minco FCCLA is proud of our sponsors. The many programs and events our students get to participate in are made possible by them. A list of our great sponsors and their websites are listed below.

Parents & Community

Without the support of our parents and surrounding community, Minco FCCLA would not be able to have great success over the years.  We are grateful they allow us to participate in activities with them and all of the monetary support given.

Oklahoma FCCLA and National FCCLA

Minco thanks them for the amount of support and opportunities given to our chapter, for the multitude of community services and outreach ideas, workshops, FCS skill and leadership development events, and making Minco a place where students can learn life skills through FCCLA.


Citizens Caring for Children

Minco thanks them for partnering and being Oklahoma FCCLA's Outreach Program. We thank them for the work they've done for the Oklahoma foster care community and letting Oklahoma chapters volunteer in a massive group effort. Minco is grateful for having the opportunity to participate in this effort; more info can be seen in the video and on the website below.

Minco High School

We thank the school for their constant and continued support of their local chapter. We thank Superintendent Kevin Sims for frequently providing our transportation to events and being vocal about what Minco FCCLA is participating in and what our FCS classes are doing. We also thank Principal Clint Shirley for providing transportation and participating in volunteer work at the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank each year.

Oklahoma Career Tech

We thank FCCLA District South 2 Program Specialist Joann Carter for her support and helping drive Minco FCCLA to be the best we can be. Joann is always there to help our local chapter advisor with any questions and any ideas.


Special Thank You

to Minco Superintendent Kevin Sims

Mr. Sims has been a great supporter of Minco FCCLA since the beginning.  Throughout the years, we have been able to count on Mr. Sims for transportation to every single event that we request.  He makes it possible for as many members to attend activities as possible and is vocal in the school's support of the program.  

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